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General at-home Herbs Preparation Procedures

             Take one paper wrapped pack,
unfold paper wrapper,
put herbs into pot
Add four bowls 
of water into pot

(that is about 40 oz total, it does not have to be exact,
it is the ratio that is important.)

If you are unsure about volume, take note of the water level in the pot after you have poured the first bowl in.

Put pot on stove / gas / electric range, flame thrower, et cetera, whatever heat souce you have handy, on high heat until boiling
Reduce power to medium after boiling has began, allow to simmer until evaporation condenses liquid volume to 1 bowl (1/4) original water level

(that's approximately 10 oz plus the herbs)
You may add water if necessary, but if the pot ever becomes dry (burnt smell) during cooking, the pack of herbs is ruin and cannot be used. Beware of fire hazard.

Drain liquid into bowl
allow to cool to lukewarm
drink after meal
leave herbs in pot or 
remove and refrigerate
for reuse next day.
Each pack is for 
two serving days.

Discard old herbs and 
start a new pack 
every other day.

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